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  1. IMG_5519Practitioners (BPS Test Users) worldwide have long been providing psychometric testing services for clients. Data construed from these tests are useful for helping clients to identify the 'best-suited' candidates for specific job roles, and they can be used to develop existing employees potential too. However, there are several implications for BPS Test Users when handling psychometric data.

    While psychometric test data is considered invaluable for its use in explotting and measuring personality, cognitive ability, and occupational interests, there are several consequences associated with using this data. Therefore, the task of working as a independent psychometrician/BPS Test User involves more than interpreting and communicating psychometric scores - it includes acting as a ‘gatekeeper’ to test-taker’s sensitive and personal data. in fact psychometrics are considered 'special category data' as it provides information on 'health', which is not only prohibited by GDPR, unexpectedly it can force practitioners into difficult conversations with clients.