People Assessment and Selection

We can help you to assess and select quality candidates for your business...

Can you spot talent like we can? We use science. We use more than interviews, application forms, and references. We offer future-proof solutions

Hiring the Best people and Retaining Them

For all businesses, an increase in demand generally means hiring more staff to help meet it, often at short notice. It can also mean there’s little time to assess applicants, or develop current employees. Making wrong selection decisions can be costly, and when we add the time spent having to read through a large stack of CVs, it doubles. We provide a boutique of services to help organisations to make effective selection decisions - assess and select highly suited and matched candidates to fill their vacant roles.  Our Occupational Psychologists have the knowledge and resources to ensure you recruit the right person for the job. So, if you are struggling to find 'best-suited' candidates for your role, we can show you how to approach the task in a scientific way.

Job Analysis and Competency Framework Design

Start your search for talented individuals by conducting Job-Analysis research. Job-Analysis is a procedure that will help you to understand more about the role and the attributes required to perform those activities

Structured Interviews and Panel

Asking the same pre-determined questions to all job applicants in the same order, and raising them with a standardised scoring system is an extremely effective method to ensure you select the best candidate for your role. 

We design and deliver  science-based AC and DC's for our clients who are keen to be able to  identify and develop talent.  We  use your companies competencies and desired behaviours to measure performance. If you do not have a set of competencies to work from, we can create a set for you.

Situational Judgement Tests Design

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Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests enable us to reveal the elements of people that you cannot see through their CV, interviews, and references. These tests help us to discover an individuals ability, personality, and occupational interests, which can be compared to the job/role requirements

Skills Audits

A skills audit can be useful for understanding the skills that people have via a questionnaire or one-to-one meeting. From this,  an analysis of potential knowledge gaps which might impact long-term plans can be  identified.

Biographical Interviewing

When you are making important selection decisions, such as hiring a c-suite executive you need to invest to get it right. Getting the wrong person on board can be detrimental to the business. Alternatively, some people who work at this level may be keen to explore and understand their 'psychological make-up', Biographical Interviewing is a unique service offering.

Candidate 'Trial Days'

We help organisations to set up 'job trials' for potential incoming candidates. This usually involves inviting candidates into the organisation for 1-3 days.. The purpose is to allow them to experience the job and demonstrate practical ability. This enables both the employer and employee a chance to work together, and review outputs.

Selection Exercises and Techniques

We  have designed a range of exercises and techniques designed to identify potential and capability in job applicants or current job holders to assess candidate suitability for specific roles. These  include presentation tasks and role-play exercises. We can design bespoke tools also.

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