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The Psychometrics Cafe’ is an informal and virtual meeting place to discuss and share knowledge and practice experience with like-minded professionals.It is useful to those who are working as a psychometrician/BPS Test Users, career coach, academic guidance tutor, HR consultants, trainers, recruitment consultants, and people managers and career advisors. Students enrolled on Occupational and Business Psychology modules and programmes are encouraged to join, as the Cafe' provides a great opportunity for them to learn more about the practical side of selection and psychological testing. Our hosts are keen to discuss issues around psychometric testing, and introduce industry experts to share their experience of using psychometrics with us. 

The Psychometrics Cafe' will open on Thursday 21st September  2023 between 12:30 - 1:15 pm.

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The Psychometrics Cafe' Menu on 21/09/23: Psychometric Profiling

How will you know whether the candidates you have selected will be a good fit for the job? What can you do to improve the way that candidates are selected? Psychometric profiles of a candidates ability, personality, and occupational interests are underestimated in terms of the value and time-saving benefits they can bring to the table.  

If you are a user of psychometric tests, this week's The Psychometric Cafe' is likely to be of interest to you. We will be examining profiles and discussing what they mean, including the value of these.  Our resident psychometrician Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill will be examining the topic of reading and making sense of psychometric profiles for making selection decisions.

Join us on Thursday 21st September 2023. Use the QR code to join. 

Meet Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill

Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill is a Chartered Psychologist and Scientist who has been delivering training in psychometric training (BPS Test User) qualifications for over a decade in the UK and Middle East. She has trained hundreds of practitioners. Beyond this, Dr Michelle provides additional support to all qualified practitioners, as she runs The Psychometric Café’. The Psychometrics Café’ is an online community of practitioners who meet on a monthly basis to share, and discuss practice-related issues associated with test use. She is also programme director of MSc Occupational and Business Psychology at the University of Roehampton and leads modules which she has written entitled ‘Occupational Psychology and Psychometrics’ and ‘Selection and Psychological Testing’. Beyond this, Dr Michelle is a practising Chartered Psychologist, Scientist, and Psychometrician, who designs and delivers assessments and interventions to identify and develop talent internationally, namely in the UK and UAE.



The Psychometrics Cafe' Menu on 15/06/23: Is Psychometric Testing Still Fit for Purpose?

Despite the many benefits associated with using psychometric tests, 'objectivity' being a main one, some are still not convinced that it is without flaws. This includes the validity and reliability of the test, that some tests may have adverse impact on certain groups, and that users of such tests should be fully trained and qualified. Beyond these factors is the major issue concerned that some test takers admit, and have been found to fake results.  This presents a major problem because psychometric tests are predominately considered a robust and scientific method for selecting suitable candidates for roles.

The topic of discussion at this week's Cafe' will focus on examining evidence to assess whether psychometric testing is STILL fit for purpose.  The discussion will be lead by Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill, and responded to by our special guest Dr Lakshmi Chandrasekaran. Dr Lakshmi Chandraskaran will present her research on ways to reduce faking in psychometric testing. She is a people science and talent management, organisational psychologist from Dubai. Currently she works with Mercer, and has worked for YSC (UK) and Accenture.  Perhaps you have a perspective to contribute that is based on empirical findings or professional practice. Please join us - use the link provided to book your place. 

Meet Dr Lakshmi Chandrasekaran

Lakshmi is a People Science and Talent Management Consultant at Mercer based out of the Dubai office and serving the MENAT region. She is an Organizational Psychologist with over 5 years of experience in psychometrics, data management, building employee potential, employee engagement, organizational well-being and productivity.   

The Psychometrics Cafe' Menu on 24/11/22: Talent Spotting and People Development Assessments

Do you know who your hi-potential employees are? According to Harvard Business Review these high-potential employees account for on average 5% of each company's workforce. Despite this, in line with the Pareto's Principle or "80-20" rule ther are many advantages of being able to identify these individuals as they promise greater retun on investments.

The topic of discussion at this week's Cafe' will focus on psychological assessments used to assess talent: potential and performance. Katie Page and Faiqa Ali  will present the 9-Box Grid assessment. Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill will discuss high-potential based assessments/tests. You may find this article on the topic interesting also: https://hbr.org/2017/10/what-science-says-about-identifying-high-potential-employees

The structure of the cafe:

  • Practical dillemmas 
  • Psychometric tests and measures
  • New research in testing, assessment, and coaching
  • test administration
  • delivering oral feedback sessions
  • reliability and validity
  • ethical dilemmas
  • test reviews and specific tests
  • scoring and interpreting profiles
  • choosing psychometric tests

Join us on Thursday 21st September 2023 between 12:30 - 1:30pm for an informal, and knowledge-exchange meeting to discuss psychometrics and share practice experiences.


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