Our Chartered Occupational and Business Psychologists specialise in people assessment, selection, development, and leadership derailment.

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At The Occupational Psychology Practice International, we specialise in assessing, selecting and developing people. Using psychological science, we help clients to tackle a range of personal, professional and performance-related issues, including career dillemmas, which if left untreated, can hinder their occupational journeys and lead to derailment. We use a carefully selected range of tests and tools to build self-awareness, occupational confidence/esteem, and capability. Trained in Systems-Psychodynamics, our lead practitioner Dr Hunter-Hill is able to work “below the surface” to identify a range of occupational blind spots.

We offer BPS Test User Qualifications in Occupational Ability and Personality, and a suite of soft-skills training courses. Our [email protected] clinic and The Psychometrics Cafe' is a way to share evidence-informed insights with our clients on a weekly basis. 

Our services are delivered internationally, although mainly in the UK, Middle-East, and Caribbean.

Specialists in People Assessment, Selection, and Development

Book your BPS Combined Test User Course: Ability and Personality Dates: 2nd - 5th August 2021

Assessent centres; Structured interviews; Executive searches and headhunting; Selection panel interviewing; person-organisation fit assessments

We offer coaching and training as way to develop self-awareness, resiliance, personal effectiveness, professional skills, and much more. We also offer the BPS Test User course in ability and personality

We offer tools and tests to assess ability, personalty, and occupational interests including PXT, 15FQ, MBTI, 16PF, Wave, and much more.

Support your staff during difficult times: in sickness and in health; discover more about our [email protected] clinic, and our popular Proactice Employee Wellbeing Check-Up service.

Identify your career intersts; goal-setting; personal development planning

The Psychometrics Cafe'

Join us every Thursday on Zoom for a live discussion on psychometric testing in occupational settings: theory and practice. Book your place. 

Click on the image below to book your place to join our Happy and Well @ Work Conference 2022. Learn about how Occupational Psychologists are helping individuals to improve their well-being at work.