Our Values, Our DNA

These values are inspired by the Occupational Psychology Practice International vision of a world in which all people are valued, respected, and are supported to become more self-aware, and occupationally satisfied. For this reason, we are committed to put these values into practice.

  • Science – we provide valid, reliable, and evidence-informed solutions to our clients
  • Knowledge - we want to get to know our people (customers including) so we can share and apply what we know for the greater good. Knowledge is a powerful tool.
  • Professional – we believe in fairness and ethical business
  • Diverse and Inclusive – we value people, irrespective of individual and cultural differences
  • Faith & hope – we believe in brighter and better days. The future is always bright because we focus on opportunities
  • Growth – we all have the potential to learn, develop, and transform
  • Flexible - organisations and the people are capable of adapting effectively to changing demands
  • Wellbeing – we empower our people and clients to live a better life: emotionally, physically, financially, and social
  • Impact – we make a difference through creating long-lasting behavioural change
  • Hidden drivers - we recognise that behaviour can be influenced by intangible factors