Behavioural Science Lab: Research, Application and Insights, and Change

We apply behavioural and psychological science to understand people and drive results in business and society.


  • What do people do?
  • Why do they do what they do?
  • How can we influence and guide their behaviours to drive positive change?

Our behavioural scientists specialise in examining attitudes, beliefs, trends, motivation, needs, and rules. We recognise how important it is to get to know people and the way they view their world because we belive in order to change people's behaviour you have to know what makes them tick. For example, it is true that individuals variy in so many ways - while some products and services might be appealing to some, others may not appreciate them. From this perspective, we believe that one size will not fit all, which is the reason we spend so much time at the beginning of the consultancy cycle trying to understand the people whose behaviours we are planning to change. While some of our competitors prioritise the value of technology to business and society, we prioritise the understanding of people.

Over the past few years we have conducted some interesting research and contributed many insights on a range of occupational and social issues: resistance to change, discrimination, job dissatisfaction, unconscious motives in the workplace, happiness at work, procrastinaion, health promotion, remote working, unethical and criminal behaviour at work, zoom fatigue. We are known for investigating controversial occupational and social issues and transforming our findings into actions.

Which of the myriad of behavioral science tools and insights will be the most useful? And how can they be used in meaningful and applicable ways to deliver measured returns on investment?

Whether you are confused about which of the myriad of behaviour science tools and insights will be most useful to you, and how they can be used in meaningful and applicable ways to deliver tangible returns on investment, we can help. Contact us to gain a better understanding of people's behaviour.

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