Reflective Practice Group for Occupational and Business Psychologists

About our RPG

The O&BP Reflective Practice Group offers an invaluable opportunity for ppractitioners to discuss and explore tricky practice and ethical issues in a supportive environment. It enables practitioners to build up a deeper sense of self and personal resilience as well as establishing a community of supportive peers. We are aware that many Occupational and/or Business Psychologists may struggle with a range of dilemmas in their roles, and how difficult it can be to find a safe and professional space to discuss such issues.

Our RPG aims to provide practitoners with:

  • An opportunity to reflect on ones experiences with other practitioners
  • Experiential understanding of group dynamics
  • A CPD opportunity for developing skills in group work and practice
  • Access to recommended papers that address areas such as reflective practice, learning by experience, group dynamics and practioner skills

Criteria for joining RPG

  • Be made up of no more than 12 members.
  • Be facilitated by two experienced Occupational and/or Business Psychologists with extensive experience of facilitating groups and providing training.

  • Provide a safe space for members to bring issues and experiences from their own groups to reflect on, discuss and explore with others.
  • Member will commit to 1.5 hours once a month, the group will take place in the early evening (approx. 6pm) to enable attendance on Zoom (until further notice).

  • Membership will be for Occupational and Business Psychologists who are either working in practice or in-training, and are commited to attend every planned session.

  • The cost to join: £100 for 10 sessions
  • For more information pleased email [email protected]