Psychometric and Skills Tests (Select & Develop)

Hiring the Best People & Retaining Them

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For all businesses, an increase in demand generally means hiring more staff to help meet it, often at short notice. It can also mean there’s little time to assess applicants, or develop current employees. Making wrong selection decisions can be costly, and when we add the time spent having to read through a large stack of CVs, it doubles. We provide a boutique of services to help organisations to make effective selection decisions - assess and select highly suited and matched candidates to fill their vacant roles.  

Our consultants have the psychological/business knowledge and resources to ensure you recruit the right person for the job. So, if you can't find the right staff, don't worry -call us and we'll do the job for you.



We provide a range of assessment tools and techniques designed to identify potential and capability in job applicants or current job holders.  The OP Practice assessments and exercises are easy to use and purchase. We employ a rigorous and trialled approach to assessment design. Our assessments/tests/exercises are based on comprehensive job analysis, and psychometric principles are adopted from first design. They assess several competencies that have been identified as core to effective performance in various roles. This provides our clients with the level of confidence they require to trust that the assessments/tests/exercises have clear links to successful job performance.

Our commitment to continuous programme of development and evaluation means that our clients are able to make the best decisions about souring the best-suited candidate for a role or development opportunity with confidence in the validity, reliability and fairness of the tests they are using.

Using our assessments/tests/exercises

To use our tools you will need to register with us (annual subscription). To administer some of our tests, you will have passed, and show proof of your Test User Occupational: Ability or Personality Qualification, verified by the British Psychological Society. (We provide this qualification also.)


"The RIGHT candidate is out there, however, it will take a combination of Strategy, Psychology & Science to find them"


 Some of the assessment solutions we offer:

  •      Psychometric testing (personality & ability)

  •      Neurodiversity sensitive skills assessments (NEW!)reliability-validity-ppa
  •      Assessment and Development Centres (design & delivery)

  •      Test administration, scoring tests, assessing written exercises, role plays/work simulation exercises       

  •      Job/role analysis

  •      BPS Test User Qualification in Occupational Testing (Ability & Personality) 

  •      Focus group facilitation (e.g., employee well-being and stress)

  •      Carefully written recruitment documents e.g. job description and person specifications

  •      Situational-judgement tests

We also provide a range of services to develop existing staff members.

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