Coaching, Development, and Team-Building

Developing Staff & Key Talent

TOPPI take talent development seriously!  We offer executive coaching and leadership development which will make a real difference to the way senior managers and leaders perform as individuals and Directors.  Also, we provide career guidance and advice to individuals.

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Executive  Coaching: is a process that enables individuals and groups to identify their growth potential. Our experienced coaches work with clients to develop a set of positive thoughts, actions and behaviours to improve coachees personal effectiveness at work and in business.

A coach can help you understand the underlying driving forces behind your behavior and help provide you with new tools to increase time management, productivity, goal development, passion and work-life balance.  When these things are in balance, a person not only experiences a felling of well being, but can learn to live in the moment and enjoy their life more fully.  For more information about our coaching service, please contact us.

Academic Coaching: This type of coaching provides students with the chance to work individually with an Academic Coach to enhance their academic skills, self-management skills, gain confidence, discover motivation, and improve performance. Students who sign-up for coaching usually schedule a 45-minute meeting with their coach, either every two weeks, or every month depending on their individual need.  If you are keen to get the best out of academia, schedule an appointment The content and structure of each individual coaching session is determined collaboratively by the student and the coach to identify the student's unique learning strengths, develop individual plans for academic support, and promote self-confidence and independence. Call us (020) 203 368 6788        

Development Centres: We offer a comprehensive Development Centre service, drawing on the tools offered by leading exercise publishers such as Profiles XT, Wave, MBTI and EROS and Assessment & Development Consultants. We also offer a bespoke exercise design service. Our Development Centres can incorporate any or all of the following:

  • Psychometric assessments (personality & ability testing)
  • Group discussions
  • Group activity exercises
  • Analysis - including priority setting tasks/in-tray exercises
  • Role play exercises

Our service includes advising on exercise choice, timetabling, briefing participants, event coordination, administering assessments, interpreting results, participant feedback, development of action plans and communicating results to management.

Teambuilding: Excellent interpersonal dynamics are critical to the success of any team. For a team to work effectively and successfully it is important they have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills as well as a shared sense of purpose. Using tools such as the MBTI, Wave and 360 feedback,  TOPPI provides exceptional team building solutions to organisations in London and throughout the UK, UAE, and the Caribbean. Team building can mean a number of things so it's important that you get the specific input that you require in order to get enhanced productivity from your employees.

Employee team building will help to:

  • Increase productivity, motivation and commitment from team members
  • Improve communication amongst team members creating efficiency and harmony
  • Resolve internal conflicts that may be stopping the achievement of team objectives
  • Achieve greater alignment and a shared sense of purpose
  • Improve staff retention thereby reducing recruitment and ramp-up costs

Can you afford not to invest in improving the performance of your team?

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Management Training: We offer a selection of courses to develop soft skills and mental toughness, which has been found to improve resiliance and increase performance at work. For a full list of the short training courses we offer visit our training page.