The benefits of being coached by Michelle are multifaceted. It has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of my personal strengths and positive contribution I make to my current role, which has helped to dissolve the imposter syndrome which I had always battled with. As a consequence I have felt more valued and empowered to actively make changes in my careers which were not making me happy. Being coached by Michelle means that I now have practical strategies to set myself realistic goals and knowing she holding me accountable means that I make sure I achieve them! Michelle takes a holistic role which her coaching and this has enabled me to reflect and make positive changes in every aspect on my life. Without Michelle, I would not have had enough confidence to embark on launching my own business.

Jordan Kenison, Deputy Head of Sixth Form

I have known Dr. Michelle Hunter in her capacity as Assistant Professor and Head of Business Psychology at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai campus, where I pursued my Masters in Business Psychology. As our advisor, Dr. Hunter was engaging and insightful - she employed an evidence-based approach and brought together learnings from literature as well as real-world experiences. She imparted to us, her infectious passion for the field and her sense of discipline and structure at work. Dr.Hunter is a fascinating speaker but also an avid mentor, taking her wards under her wings and with a coaching approach, helping them see their potential as well as their mental blocks. I have also visited her Assessment Centre training program and was impressed with her professionalism and mastery over real-world Business Psychology practices. What stands out most about Dr. Hunter is that she is able to look ahead of the curve and makes it a point to do so at all times. For example, our curriculum did not involve Assessment and Development centers, which in the UAE market, would have been a primary career avenue for a considerable number of us. Dr. Hunter hosted an Assessment Centre workshop and brought in an assessor from the industry to speak with us. In my practice as an assessor, assessment centre manager and occupational coach thereafter, I can say for certain, that I have carried with me, everything she has taught me about the subject but also about one's attitude towards work, service provision and towards the Science of Business Psychology.  Anjana Chandran, Business Psychologist & PhD Candidate

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Had the opportunity to have a seminar with Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill on being self-aware and the traits and skills desirable to business recruiters. Also many thanks to Dr KRISH SAHA and Samuel Osei-Nimo for organising these events that will better our growth as graduates! hashtag#business hashtag#leadership hashtag#leadershipdevelopment hashtag#recruiters. Kosi Ezeani, Student at Birmingham City University

Thank you to Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill for her amazing workshop on personal development and improving business readiness! It was incredibly helpful to be given an insight into the psychological theory behind my own personality. This workshop has definitely helped guide me in the right direction towards finding the perfect career for me! Jessica Gray, Student at Birmingham City University