The Occupational Psychology Practice International (TOPPI)

We are Chartered Occupational Psychologists & HR Practitioners who specialise in Personal Development, Psychometric Testing (occupational and forensic), Careers Advice & Talent Management. Our professional services are designed to help individuals and organisations to: 


- Assess employees for selection and development using psychometrics and assessment centre methodology. Both enable organisations to make smarter, simpler and scientific hiring decisions to select and develop the best suited employees for their job roles.

- Diagnose a range of organisational problems and we offer robust solutions that we implement also.

- Develop people using executive coaching, mental toughness & resiliance training, strengths building, personal development planning, career engineering, teambuilding/away days and mindfulness interventions. 

- Expert witness and psychological opinion on case facts to legal professionals 

- Expat/International assignments coaching - mainly associated with those working or preparing to work in the UAE.

- Provide personality/psychometric testing and career guidance using occupational interest tests for individuals to maximise their efforts to acheive their personal and professional goals. BPS Test User Qualifications (TA, TUA & TUP) in Occupational Testing (Ability & Personality). 

- Conduct research and facilitate Focus-Group sessions to help organisations to understand their views and concerns of employees.

- Train managers, leaders and HR professionals to develop their approach and strategy to manage and develop talent. We are also providers of BPS qualification is Occupational Testing: Ability & Personality

- Offer Employee Assistance and Wellbeing programme, including Medico-legal reporting for insurance companies

- Design bespoke assessment and development centres, recruitment documents and exercises, including policy documents and competency frameworks

- Manage change and organisational improvement projects, and we identify opportunities to maximise an individuals contribution to the organisation and alignment with strategy

- Provide career and employability guidance to school children, young adults and senior citizens (in-house options available)

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