Television/Media Expert Psychological Consultation

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A duty to care...

Media directors (TV, radio, and press), have a duty to care towards contributors. Dr Hunter-Hill is a Chartered Psychologist and psychometrican who carries out a range of tests to ascertain the psychological health and wellbeing of contributors.  In addition to this, she advises programme makers on the psychological risks that need to be considered and managed.  

A production company's duty of care goes beyond filming and transmission. Dr Hunter-Hill,  coaches and provides training to teams who are working with  complex and vulnerable individuals. In addition to this, she is adept at tailoring her approach to accommodate the needs of the media representative. 

Ethical considerations... individual differences

Dr Hunter-Hill has a wealth of experience working as a chartered psychologist and advising on a range of psychological problems. She is experienced in assessing psychologically complex people, including the 'dark-side' of personality, and personality per she.

While working with contributors, she ensures that they are fully aware of what is expected of them, and they have given their informed consent.  This includes checking they have considered the implications of appearing on television, and that both parties are aware are mindful and confident that the decision to appear of television will not have a detrimental impact on the contributor. 

Consultation offer

  • expert psychological comment for your feature
  • Conduct psychological tests to assess contributor suitability for your media project
  • provide aftercare assessment and follow up psychological services to your contributors
  • offer support around contributor welfare throughout the duration of your production
  • assist in the psychological development of production treatments

The Price of Fame Campaign - Dr Hunter-Hill contributes a psychological perspective to online bullying and trolling