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To find what career is right for you, you need to understand and quantify what career interests you the most. Finding a career path that really interests you and keeps you motivated in your career, will go a long way in making you happy with any decisions you make about your career.


You need to find what career will suit your personality. If you are reserved or shy, then you probably shouldn’t choose a career in sales for which it is helpful if you are outgoing and gregarious. However, if you are the lively outgoing type, a career where you are in an office on your own for long periods will never make you happy.


To find what career is right for you, you should also consider your values and beliefs. For instance, if you believe in taking care of the Earth and feel strongly about environmental matters, then there are clearly some career choices, for instance a career in coal production, you should avoid and others that will appeal more closely to what you feel passionately about.


The final factor, when asking ‘what career is right for me?’ is what career are you actually good at? Find what career you are actually good at, and you will be naturally motivated; have the respect of your colleagues and feel much more secure in your career.


All of these factors need to be viewed against the backdrop of your practical circumstances. What may seem like an ideal career choice for you may not actually be a practical career choice for you. What career you choose should also accommodate your family, where you want to live, financial considerations and health issues.


At Career Analysts, we can help you discover what career is right for you using psychometric tests.












Welcome to The Executive & Leadership Academy (EELA)! We provide bespoke and accredited training programmes aimed to develop your managers and leaders.  

The OP Practice are specialist providers of Management and Leadership training.  Over the years, we have developed a reputation for running dynamic and inspirational programmes that really stretch delegates.

Our Management and Leadership training material is evidence-based, as it is developed on the basis of  many years of absorbing the best practices which we see working in the market place.

In brief, the range of training options/courses available are in the areas listed below:

  • Project Management
  • BPS Level A & B Psychometrics
  • Global Leadership Programmes
  • Strategic Leadership programmes 
  • Psychology for HR & Recruitment professionals
  • Change Management
  • Diversity Management

Our unique approach acknowledges that the best leaders develop not only their people’s skills but also their will – drive, confidence and mindset. Our style is facilitative, theraputic and interactive. As qualified and experienced trainers, we design programmes that are differenciated and inclusive to accomodate the needs of all.  Asides this, it is our aim to ensure all of our learning programmes are challenging, entertaining and stimulating.

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