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TOPPI has helped many business schools develop programs that improve student learning and enhance performance of small businesses in under-served communities. We are now working to create a community of business schools that will share resources and best practices toward a goal of open-source curriculum and program development.

Many schools, colleges, universities. business schools, and their students (all levels) use TOPPI to support their employability and career development needs.  TOPPI are committed to empowering our service users with innovative, practical solutions that enable them to improve their career propects and enhance their self-awareness, personal development and effectiveness.  The solutions we provide are useful to ensure career and business readiness.  Some of the popular services we provide to our academic clients are listed below:


  • Personal development tools (personality tests, learning-styles, emotional intelligence, team-roles)

  • Career Advice and coaching

  • Soft-skills training for students
  • Leadership development programme design

For a full list of the services we provide, please email [email protected] , or call us on (020) 3368 6788


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